Chapter One

So… I decided to switch things up. Even after publishing 500 copies of my book, I decided to tweak the chapters a bit. Start with the gist of it, rather than some ruminations on what it means to be an immigrant. In version 2.0 of my novel, I bring the reader right into the classroom – the hot, humid, overcrowded classroom of a fucked-up inner city school.

I started writing this book six years ago. I felt like something was in the air. About to happen. I saw it when I was at school. Teenagers aren’t dumb. They can see when they’re getting a bad deal. And high school without the proper investment (both monetary and human) is worth very little.

Here’s the first chapter – fresh off the WordPress. The font is tiny, but I hope y’all can manage. And if you want to read more, there’s still a few more hours left for a free purchase of Queen of Corona via Amazon.


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